BBB Scam Alert: Local Company's Name Used in Job Scam

June 08, 2017

Green’s Moving & Delivery
, a local delivery service, recently reported being the victim of business identity theft. In January 2017, Green’s Moving & Delivery ceased all operations and is out of business. But that didn’t stop identity thieves from using their name and address in an employment scam. The phony business has an equally phony website – - bearing the BBB logo in an attempt to add legitimacy to a fraudulent website.

Randy Green, owner of Green’s Moving & Delivery, became aware of fraudulent job offers using his former company’s name last week when he began getting calls from victims of the scam.  Victims told Green that they had responded to an email offering them a job with his company.

“I am no longer in business,” Green told BBB. “When I was operating, I provided moving and delivery services in the Memphis area only.”

The fake job offers are being emailed to job seekers who have posted their resumes on legitimate job search sites. While the job search sites themselves are legitimate, the job offers using Green’s Moving & Delivery’s name are not. The bogus jobs involve receiving and reshipping merchandise, which may be stolen or purchased with stolen credit cards. Victims are promised a $2500 paycheck at the end of their probationary period of thirty days. 

“Crooks often hijack a legitimate company’s name, using its reputation as a trustworthy front to operate their scam,” said Randy Hutchinson, BBB of the Mid-South president. “In this case, they hijacked the BBB logo as well,” Hutchinson added.

Most of the time, a business doesn’t find out their name is being used until after the fact, when angry people who’ve been duped by the fraudsters call up demanding explanations and payment for work completed. That was the case for Green. He still gets calls every day from additional victims.  

BBB has also answered dozens of calls about the company in the past week. An additional 450 people have looked at BBB’s online Business Profile for Green’s Moving & Delivery since the beginning of May. None of the victims who have spoken to BBB have received any money for work they completed. Any checks forwarded by the phony company would most likely be fraudulent.  Many callers who spoke to BBB staff were concerned that they would somehow be implicated in the scam when in actuality they are victims.

“I feel like I’m in some type of smuggling ring,” one Houston, TX, victim told BBB. “I’ve shipped iPhones, Mac Books, laser telescopes, auto parts – you name it, I’ve shipped it,” she said. She estimated that the merchandise she has helped the fraudulent company move amounts to more than $30,000 so far.

Others are worried that their identities will be stolen since they provided personal information to the fake company. “They asked me to take a selfie holding my driver’s license next to my face,” one Memphis victim told BBB.

People who have been contacted by this fake company should file a scam report at to help warn others. Victim information is not made public on BBB scam tracker reports.

Victims who have received and reshipped packages for this company should file a mail fraud complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at   

BBB Tips for Job Seekers: 

  • A job search site may be legitimate, some job offers listed on it may not be. Scammers advertise jobs where legitimate employers do, including online and in newspapers. Report phony job offers to the job search site.
  • Posting your resume online may result in your email inbox being flooded with phony job offers. Scammers are counting on the unemployed to anxiously respond to emails that purport to offer them a position that’s been specially selected for them.
  • Never pay for the promise of a job. If a potential employer asks you to pay a fee for certification, training materials, or other expenses, that may be a red flag that the job isn’t legitimate.
  • Be wary of giving out personal or financial information when applying for a job. Legitimate employers only need your social security number when they are extending you an offer of employment. Putting it on every application you fill out could lead to identity theft.
  • Beware of job descriptions that are vague or offer high pay for little work.
  • Check out the company at
  • Search for the company online. Visit their official website to see if the job is posted there.

 BBB Tips for Businesses Targeted by Business Identity Theft:

  • Contact your local law enforcement authorities if you believe your company’s identity has been compromised.
  • If your offer came through the mail, contact the U.S. Postal Inspector at
  • Contact your financial institution to limit any unauthorized transactions on your account. You may need to close a compromised account and open a new one.
  • If you suspect your company’s name is attached to phony emails floating around the web, contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at
  • Get the word out. Let the public know fraudsters are posing as your business. It could be as simple as posting a brief warning on your company’s website or Facebook page or alerting the media.
  • And, as always, contact the Better Business Bureau at 901-759-1300 or 800-222-8754 or email us at info@bbbmidsouth.orgWe can help spread the word to consumers and businesses.