BBB Education Foundation


The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South Education Foundation was formed to allow the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South (BBB) to expand its commitment to its community beyond traditional Bureau activities.


The BBB Education Foundation provides services to the public through its major programs. All programs are offered at no charge.


Consumer Education: Savvy consumers are made, not born. BBB Education Foundation can teach consumers to protect themselves from scams, frauds and less-than-ethical businesses and to make wise decisions in a rapidly changing marketplace. Through its Consumer Education Program, the BBB Education Foundation develops and provides educational resources for consumers of all age groups. Targeted programs allow the BBB Education Foundation to specifically aid groups that are often the targeted victims of fraud, such as seniors and military personnel. Our youth-oriented training helps teens and young adults just entering the workforce understand how to make wise financial choices and ethical decisions. 


National Charity Review: The BBB Wise Giving Alliance (WGC) helps donors make informed giving decisions and promotes high standards of conduct among organizations that solicit contributions from the public. It produces reports about national charities, evaluating them against comprehensive Standards for Charity Accountability, and publishes a magazine, the Wise Giving Guide, three times a year. The BBB Education Foundation promotes informed giving through distribution of the Wise Giving Guides and educational presentations to groups of all sizes.


Identity Theft Education and Prevention: Learning to spot the red flags of identity theft and what to do to protect your information is essential today. The BBB Education Foundation provides identity theft education to neighborhood, church, civic and business groups of all sizes. The BBB Education Foundation hosts a free, community document shredding event twice a year to help protect consumers against identity theft. Our next event will be April 16, 2016.


Find a Trustworthy Business: BBB Accredited Businesses pledge to treat you fairly and follow the BBB Standards for Trust. Find Accredited Businesses in any industry through our online directory.

The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and is supported by contributions from individuals, institutions, corporations and foundations in our community. Your gift to the BBB Education Foundation is tax deductible and always welcome.  For more information on donating, sponsoring an event, or requesting a presentation for your group, please contact Nancy Crawford, Director of Marketing & Communications at 901-757-8627 or