Job Scam Uses Reputable Travel Website to Lure Victims

August 28, 2017


Vancouver, BC – These days it’s not uncommon for scammers to completely rip off victims through a fake website that looks exactly like a legitimate website. From Fake RBC sites to fake Best Buy sites, BBB has seen them all. We have uncovered a new one that targets would-be job seekers through

The scammers have taken almost all of the content from U.K. based, Trek America to develop their own, albeit useless, website Treck Canada. Be advised, the Treck Canada website is not secure so BBB cannot guarantee the safety of any links connected to it.

“We have been in contact with Trek America,” says Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC. “They whole heartedly confirm that they have nothing to do with Treck Canada. Even the ‘Treck’ part of the URL is spelled differently. As well, a Google Search for Treck Canada finds nothing.”

The problem is two-fold.

A victim called BBB to say that she was contacted through about a job opportunity with Treck Canada. The job entailed some sort of financial transaction position that involved Bitcoin. She was then asked to provide photographs of herself holding her driver’s license and credit card. When she told the ‘employer’ she had no credit card, they stopped calling.

“So, on one hand, the website of a legit business has been copied, on the other, people are being scammed through a legit employment website such as Indeed,” adds Kelly. “Employment scams were the number one scam reported to BBB last year.”


BBB Tips to Avoid an Employment Scam:

1. Understand the job market. Some positions are more likely to be scams. Always be wary of work-from-home or secret shopper positions, or any job with a generic title such as caregiver, administrative assistant, or customer service rep.
2. Consider appropriate Protocol. Different procedures should raise your suspicion. Watch out for on-the-spot job offers. You may be an excellent candidate for the job but beware of offers made without an interview or application process. No legitimate job would ever overpay an employee and ask for money to be wired elsewhere.
3. Search the company. Be wary if a Google search finds nothing on the business. Lo-rez images of company logo could also be a red flag. Links on websites that go nowhere or social media plugins that don’t work are also a concern.
4. Beware of informal communication with spelling and/or grammatical Errors. Reputable companies strive to ensure their correspondences are as professional as possible. Although mistakes do happen, prospects are encouraged to consider the formality of any correspondences they receive.
5. Verify the company’s legitimacy on or BBB Scam Tracker. Employment scams were the most reported scams to Canadian BBBs in 2016. If an offer seems too good to be true, always attempt to verify the opportunity through BBB.


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