BBB Warning: Two Fake Staffing Websites Claim Vancouver as Home - Target Job Seekers Through

April 12, 2017


Vancouver, BC – Employment scams were the number one scams of 2016 according to BBB Scam Tracker statistics and made the number one spot in our National Top 10 Scams campaign this year. These scams can show up in several forms such as Secret Shopper and stay-at-home administration opportunities. They are just cheque cashing schemes where the victim is sent a fake cheque and asked to send money back to the company. The person getting the job typically has not been looking for work and there is little or no application or interview process.

BBB has been made aware of two fraudulent staffing websites claiming to have offices located in Vancouver. Victims who contacted BBB say they had been approached by these companies through job well-known job search website says they have processes in place to monitor such activity but some scammers make it through posing as legitimate companies.

The offending websites have been identified as:

Essential Personnel:

Qualified Staffing:

Essential Personnel has literally copied the website of a legitimate recruiting company in the US called Star Staffing. There is a real US-based company with the name Qualified Staffing as well.

“The tough part for job seekers is that Indeed is a reputable website,” says Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC. "We need to do more due diligence and employ more common sense if something seems to good to be true. A quick check with property management companies indicates the addresses the companies claim to have here in Vancouver are currently not leased. That of course, is an easy red flag.”

Here’s what job applicants need to know and what to look for:

• Read the job description carefully. There may be keywords such as package forwarding, money transfer, wiring funds or foreign agent agreements that may give away what the job is really about.
• If the screening, interview and offer process is all done by email or over the phone without an in-person interview, this can be another indication the position you’re applying for doesn’t exist or is legitimate.
• Listen to and read the questions carefully that are asked of you before an offer is made. If they are asking for personal information like bank accounts, personal data or other questions that seem a bit out of the norm for a recruiter, report it immediately.

If you find a job posting that may be suspicious, let us know through BBB Scam Tracker. Look for the seal of a business you can trust by visiting


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