Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Things to Keep in Mind

November 16, 2016


Vancouver, BC – Literally billions of dollars will be spent around the world over the next couple of weeks as the holiday approaches. The two biggest shopping days of the year are nearly here in the form of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November 25th and 28th respectively. BBB would like to remind you that a little caution can prevent a lot of heartache.

“The responsibility isn’t just for businesses to build a trusting marketplace,” says Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for Better Business Bureau serving Mainland BC. “Take your time, do your research and make sure you’re shopping with reputable companies especially online. Understand the return policies, many of which at this time of year won’t allow you to until after December.”

BBB asks everyone to be good consumers:

• Avoid the impulse buy.
• Be sure to keep ALL receipts.
• Ask for gift receipts when necessary.
• Ask about store return policies.
• Understand this time of year stores may not accept returns until January.
• Don’t take advantage of a store if something was priced incorrectly.
• Read the fine print; understand all terms and conditions before purchasing.
• Avoid the crush. Many deals are just as good throughout the year.
• Many stores now ask for information such as your email at the point of purchase. You are not obligated to give it out.

To avoid being taken for a ride when online shopping:

• If you can, purchase using credit cards, rather than debit cards – this offers recourse.
• Look for spelling mistakes and bad grammar on websites.
• Make sure the URL is legit and not a spoofed version; i.e.: and not
• Use reputable payment portals like PayPal or Verified by Visa.
• Avoid money transfers to unknown people.
• Do not online shop through public Wi-Fi.
• Make sure payment page is secure with HTTPS at the start of the URL and contains the ‘lock’ icon.
• Avoid clicking links if you don’t know what it’s from.
• Be wary of slick pop-up ads; go to the company website first.
• Update your anti-virus software.


• Don’t just open an e-card assuming you know who it might be from.
• Be wary if they don’t mention your name, and offer a generic welcome such as “To my favourite nephew.”
• Don’t click on links unless you can confirm the sender. They might open up a host of malware and ransomware.

Phishing Scams:

• Be wary of fake Amazon emails alluding to your order or delivery stuck in transit.
• Often urge you click on a link and input information.
• These can come in the form of a fake ‘refund.’
• Contact the company directly if you have any concerns about your order.


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