Be Informed When Giving this Remembrance Day

November 07, 2016


Vancouver, BC - Remembrance Day isn’t just another long weekend holiday. It’s a time for people all around the world to give thanks to those who fought and gave their lives to defend the freedom we have today. It’s a time, as well, to recognize those who continue to serve in our armed forces.

November 11th brings out requests for charitable donations such as the famous poppy drive, and people need to be alert for scams that prey on your desire to give. There have been many cases where crooks claim to be part of said poppy drive, but in fact, are not.

Our aging veterans can be easy targets for these villains because they may be unfamiliar with other scams such as those we find online. They appear legit but are nefarious in nature. When the thieves attach the terms veteran and armed forces, or even mention specific branches or units, it comes across as much more believable.

“Scammers know no bounds when it comes to money,” says Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC. “Doesn’t matter to them if the people losing out on the donation risked it all for their freedom. It really is the lowest of the low.”

Do a little research first, to ensure that your donations get not only where they are needed but where you wanted them to go.

BBB offers the following tips when giving to military-affiliated or veteran’s organizations.

Mistaken Identity: Watch out for name confusion. Scam charities often use virtually the same name, logos and wording to fool unsuspecting donors.

Clear Program Description: Look for clear descriptions of the organization’s programs and policies. Ask and look for information about how the money is allocated and where it is going.

Telemarketing: Telemarketing can be costly for an organization unless carefully managed. If you are called, don’t hesitate to ask for written information on a charity’s programs, policies or finances before making a decision. Or, kindly hang up the phone and contact the organization yourself to make sure it's legit.

On the spot donations: Be careful with excessive pressure in fundraising. Don’t be pressured to make an immediate on the spot donation. Charities should welcome any gift whenever if comes in.

Research: Before donating any time, money or items, check them out with BBB, Canada Revenue Agency and online to feel confident in your donating decision.

Give through the Canadian Legion: You can find more information through the organization’s donation website.


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