Winter Approaches: Heating Tips and Tricks

September 19, 2016


Vancouver, BC – The rain is coming and the temperature is heading south. While we tend to enjoy a more temperate clime than our Canadian counterparts, it is still best to be aware of a few tips and tricks to make sure your impending winter months remain comfortable and warm while inside your home. You could save a few dollars too.

BBB and recommends the following for consumers to save energy and money this winter:

  • Have your furnace inspected annually by a reputable contractor.
  • Replace furnace filters monthly – dirty filters can increase heating costs by 20%.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when heating is on.
  • Inspect weather stripping for cracking.
  • Clean ridge vents to allow your house to ‘breathe’.
  • Keep drapes and blinds open during the day to help warm the house.
  • Keep drapes and blinds closed in the evening to keep heat in.
  • If you have a fireplace make sure the damper is closed when not in use.
  • Consider installing a fireplace door.
  • Minimize use of bathroom or kitchen ventilation fans.
  • Wrap your water heater in a blanket to prevent heat loss.
  • Wash full loads of laundry and dishes and use cold water settings.
  • Take shorter showers.


BBB offers these tips when hiring a Heating Contractor:

  • It’s important to know the signs of furnace failure. This includes seeing soot on countertops and vents. Fumes may cause your eyes to water and you could experience headaches.
  • Do your research. Find heating contractors through We have an extensive database of heating contractors.
  • Ask around. Word of mouth is a great indicator of trust and quality of work.
  • Get a few quotes. If a company says you need an entirely new furnace, you may want a second opinion.
  • Get everything in writing. Compare estimates and be sure to include time specifications, materials, and parts to be used. The lowest price isn’t always the best way to go.
  • Avoid high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Ask about liability insurance should you be concerned about property damage.
  • Understand the job. Make sure the contractor explains what they are doing and why.
  • Make sure the job is done according to contract and your specifications.



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