Moving Season: Do Your Research When Hiring Movers

May 10, 2016


Vancouver, BC – Spring and summer are the transition months for many Canadians. Contracts are up, school comes to an end, and quite frankly, it’s easier to make a move when it’s warm out instead of the dead of winter. However BBB would like to remind consumers that it’s very important to do your research before hiring any company to protect and move your home to a new locale.

“Moving is stressful enough,” says Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC. “The last thing anyone needs is for trucks to not show up and your home furnishings to be delayed, damaged, or taken to a storage facility where you have to retrieve them yourself.”

Even the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) says the industry is riddled with “theft, fraud, and extortion.” According to a CBC report in 2014, the CAM claims it’s because there are no barriers to entry into the industry, therefore, criminals “gravitate” there.*


BBB offers these tips on finding the right mover for the job:

  • Do your research. Use BBB’s database of Accredited Businesses to find a reputable moving company.
  • Ask for references and get several estimates. The lowest bid isn’t always the best way to go.
  • Find out how much insurance the company carries. Depending on what is being moved, you may have to purchase more.
  • Make an inventory of the goods being moved and supervise the loading and unloading.
  • *If the company does the packing, they are responsible for the goods, if you pack it, you are responsible.
  • The peak moving season is May to September – be wary that price may be dictated by this.
  • Avoid moving on weekends; this may cost more as companies likely need to pay overtime.
  • Get everything in writing. Make sure the contract specifies times and dates. Do not sign a contract with any sections left blank. Make sure you understand the contract before signing. All contracts should be on company letterhead.
  • Some companies subcontract other moving firms to do the work. This is normal. Inquire who they use and research them accordingly.
  • Be wary of companies that ask for a large deposit or even request full payment up front. This is a red flag. You generally pay upon delivery.
  • Understand that movers estimate the weight of your contents. There are several online moving calculators that you can use to estimate the weight of your household contents.
  • Avoid cash deals with promises of saving on the GST. This is an unscrupulous practice.
  • Expect additional fees such as if you are moving into a 25th floor apartment. Extra stories can mean more money.


*From CBC, Jan. 22, 2014



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