BBB Wedding Tips: Don't Let Bad Business Ruin Your Big Day

May 16, 2016


Vancouver, BC – Weddings are stressful enough. The last thing anyone wants on their big day is to be dealing with businesses that can’t deliver, or potential scammers after your cash. Spring and summer are wedding planner’s busy months and BBB simply want the betrothed to make smart and educated decisions about the companies they use.

“Companies are getting busy, space is filling up and vendors want you to commit as soon as possible,” says Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC. “From food to florists to limos, everything needs to have a solid contract in place with everything in writing on company letterhead. Don’t verbally agree and assume everything will be ok. Make sure you understand the final prices in everything that includes taxes and any gratuities. Nothing like getting a big bill at the end and then realizing it’s a lot more than you expected.”

Some tips on how to avoid wedding problems:

• Before falling in love with a vendor and their services, ask if the company is available for your wedding date.

• Ask whether the special packages and pricing being offered at the bridal event are available after the show as well.

• Be careful of high-pressure sales tactics to make you commit to a product or service on the spot.

• Get all sales promises in writing, including specific dates, products, prices, name brands, etc. Make sure all oral agreements are included in the written contract. Cancellation policies should also be included.

• Research the vendor before signing a contract. Check out wedding vendors’ reputations in the industry and can start by reading the vendor’s BBB Business Review at

• Avoid paying in cash up-front for services. If you pay by credit cards you have protection in the event of a problem. Cheques and cash don’t offer this protection.

• Confirm all services one or two weeks prior to the event and verify all of the details agreed upon. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.


Potential Wedding Scams:

  • The knock-off dress. Some shifty private sellers will tell you it’s a one-of-a-kind Vera Wang, but at a ridiculously low price, it could be a fake and definitely not worth the money you save. Always shop at reputable vendors or the designers shop.
  • The gift grab. Piling up you wedding loot on a table at the venue looks great, but it also exposes gifts to would be thieves who may be lurking, or even working at the venue (not to mention guests you don’t know very well). It’s always best to request that gifts be purchased through your wedding registry.
  • Even service providers get scammed. The wedding photographer scam has been making the rounds. A photographer is hired via email, a check for more than is required is sent and the photographer is asked to forward money to a non-existent event planner via money transfer. The cheque bounces and the photographer loses out.




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