Tax Season is Here

March 16, 2016


Vancouver, BC – As the tax deadline looms many people are thinking about hiring a tax professional to help with the refund process. Better Business Bureau would like to remind tax payers to do their homework before hiring a professional to crunch the numbers.

“Most tax professionals are qualified, reliable and honest,” says Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB Serving Mainland BC. “But it is well worth the time to look for a qualified, dependable and trustworthy service to avoid problems during and after consumers hand over their documents.”

Your BBB has some tips for selecting a reputable tax expert:

  • Check on qualifications. Ask about their training, experience and knowledge of current tax law, and whether they are members of a professional organization with continuing education requirements and a code of ethics.
  • Learn about their service terms in advance. Find out whether they guarantee the accuracy of their work and amend the return if there’s a mistake. And find out if they can be reached year round―if there is a mistake or are required to undergo an audit, you want to make sure you can reach them after the tax season is complete.
  • Ask for references. Get referrals from satisfied clients.
  • Check with BBB. Visit to determine if the tax preparer has a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Request a quote. Ask for an estimate of the preparation fee before authorizing the work.

Once your income tax return is prepared, make certain the preparer has signed it and get a copy and payment receipt for your records. Also review the return before signing it and ask for clarification of any entries you don’t understand.

Beware of Tax Scams!

Scams using the Canada Revenue Agency as a backdrop have been a huge problem over the past year. In fact, BBB’s across Canada labeled the CRA Tax Scam the number one scam of the year for 2015.

Thousands of people have been duped into believing they owe taxes to the government after receiving threatening phone calls and questionable phishing emails.

BBB reminds you:

  • The CRA does not solicit by phone for payment or any other personal information.
  • If you receive a call like this, say you will contact CRA yourself and hang up.
  • Do not return the call with number that shows up on call display; it’s likely spoofed.
  • The CRA does not accept payment through pre-paid credit or gift cards.
  • The CRA will not send emails containing any links.
  • The CRA will not request personal information of any kind from a taxpayer by email or text message.
  • The CRA will not divulge taxpayer information to another person unless formal authorization is provided by the taxpayer.
  • The CRA will not send emails in English or French only: all communications are in both official languages.
  • The CRA will not leave any personal information on an answering machine.


Media Contacts:

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About BBB:

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