SMALL BIZ MONTH: Culture Drives an Organization Through HR

Culture drives an organization, its actions and results. Learn how to improve performance in your organization and what HR is meant to be. Cori will breakdown the 17 key results areas that define Culture, Protection and Productivity that lead to organizational performance.

October 12, 2017 - October 12, 2017   10:30 AM - 11:45 AM






If you are looking to improve Performance in your organization, it’s time to review the 17 Key Result Areas (KRA’s) within Culture, Protection, and Productivity; what we at Jouta believe to be the 3 Fundamentals of HR.



  • Workplace culture reflects everything from recruitment to termination, and everything in between - Every organization’s culture is different – the key is to define yours and align everything to it.
  •  Just as you insure your business against external threats, an investment in HR can help protect you (and your employees) against threats that are within your control.
  •  Performance is the goal! The role of HR is to put systems in place that increase productivity to enhance overall performance. This is only possible when the right structure is in place and everything done within the organization aligns to it.




Cori Meadel, CEO 


Cori has spent most of her career sitting at executive tables where she worked hard to showcase to her colleagues that HR really could be a true business partner, through actions and words. In 2007, Cori decided it was time for her to walk her talk and truly showcase, not only to herself but to others, that her view of HR was solid.

Applying her 30 years of experience in both human resources and business operations to guide a team of highly qualified HR professionals, Cori provides practical and realistic tools for organizations to manage everything from recruiting and retention to development and training.

As a professional speaker and contributor to key business publications – like Business In Vancouver, the Globe & Mail, HR Reporter, CIO Magazine, HR Voice and BC HRMA (online) - she has had the great opportunity to motivate, inspire and create meaningful change.  Cori Maedel is part of the Professional Development Team at CPHR (Human Resource Management Association) where she donates her time teaching HR Professionals the craft of effective HR.