BBB Business Blog: The Importance of Your Website Being Optimized for Mobile

January 25, 2018


It goes without saying that being online today, particularly as a business, can be vitally important to your growth and success. Your website is your business card that you hand to just about anybody. What’s the nice thing about actual business cards? They’re small and you can carry them around. The same holds true for websites; they need to be mobile so your potential consumers can access your information anywhere. These days people have little patience for websites that are not optimized for mobile applications. I’ve found many online and my first reaction is to look for another related vendor, or at best, wait till I get home to use my desktop. The point is people want information and they want it now, where ever they are, so give it to them.

Here are the top 5 reasons your website must be mobile:

1. More traffic. Traffic is simply the number of people who visit your website. Having your website mobile, as I alluded to in the opening paragraph, means traffic has a better chance of sticking around your website no matter where they are. Currently, 60% of online searches are done on a mobile device and that number will only increase. Plus, and this is important, Google’s algorithm favours mobile sites. If yours isn’t mobile your search ranking will suffer.

2. Being mobile reduces your bounce rate. Stickiness is important when it comes to your website. Stickiness means the average length of time a user stays engaged on your site. The more engaging your site, the more they find what they’re after the longer the stick around. As I mentioned, if someone comes across your site and it isn’t optimized for mobile they will bounce right out, and likely to your competition. This is also known as a ‘Click Back.’ The user clicks back to the search page when they realize your site isn’t mobile.

3. Over half of all web traffic globally is mobile. There’s an old saying...If you ain’t in, you’re out. If you want your business to connect with people online then being mobile is vital because that’s where they are. Smartphones and tablets aren't about to go away.

4. Online shopping is becoming experiential. Over 90% of consumers now shop online at one point in the year and if they have a bad experience with your website’s lack of optimization they will simply look elsewhere for the same product or service. Why? It’s as easy as a click away. According to Internet Ad agency Criteo, 70% of e-commerce transactions now take place on a mobile device. It’s become so important that businesses should not ignore the potential to hurt or help your bottom line.

5. Mobile users like to switch screens. While the numbers of e-commerce transactions are climbing, many still use their desktop to complete a purchase. However, make no mistake, they are still browsing on their smartphones. Looking at the product, checking delivery status, taking screenshots and posting to social media etc. If the mobile user can’t integrate your site into, for lack of a better term, their life, again, they may just go elsewhere.