BBB Business Blog: The Importance of Being in an Online Directory

January 11, 2018


BBB has many small businesses on its roster that operate with great success without a website or even web presence at all. They get business the old-fashioned way, simply by word of mouth. Nothing wrong with that. However, there are many more businesses that wish to grow and expand their reach to many more potential clients.

One of the ways to increase your reach as a business it to be part of an online directory. What do I mean by directory? Think Yellow Pages, Yelp, Angie’s List, and...wait for it...Better Business Bureau. Of course, BBB is so much more than just a directory, but our database is massive and our findability online is in the top 10 in North America (FYI...that’s huge). Just being in our database helps your SEO and people can find you.

‘Search engine optimization (SEO), the hunt for the top results on Google for the search terms relevant to your business, is a tricky discipline that’s constantly evolving. But listing on local directories remains one of the SEO tactics that’s easiest and offers the most impact.’ – Source: Wix

Here are five big benefits to being part of an online directory:

1. As I just mentioned, it simply boosts your search engine optimization and people can find you. The more information you can provide to a directory and the better you can keyword your website, the better ranking you can receive from a Google Search. #GetFound

2. Google changes its algorithms all the time. A Google search now favours local directories among local searches and makes you visible to many, many more consumers. #Exposure

3. Increase your brand value. Many online directories such as...oh I dunno...BBB, offer consumers an opportunity to write customer reviews which potential clients can see. These types of interactions with consumers can help build trust in your brand even if they are negative and you respond positively and professionally. Adding to the level of trust, simply being part of a directory shows consumers you’re legit and not some fly-by-night company. #Referrals

4. It’s low-cost advertising. Many directories may charge a small fee for posting your information or nothing at all. BBB often sends out SBQs (Standard Business Questionnaire) so that we can increase our database of BC Businesses. Whether a business wishes to become BBB Accredited or not, claiming your BBB Profile is free and instantly helps your SEO. Plus signing up on a directory is relatively easy to do. Want to create your BBB Profile? Go HERE.

5. Some directories such as...oh, I dunno...BBB, offer customizable profile pages. BBB Accredited Businesses get the opportunity to provide copious amounts of information such as video, images, and social media links on their BBB Profile pages. Non-accredited businesses can not customize their BBB Profile, but they can still claim it and share it. Other directories may offer similar options. The benefit, of course, is being not just found, but providing a ton of information to consumers about who you are and what you do. #Information