'Tis the Season to Increase Sales!

November 09, 2017

Here we go! Roll up your sleeves! Holidays...what holidays? For many businesses, the Christmas season means more work and less play. Resting is for January right? Now is the time for a business to maximize their efforts to reach consumers and end the year on a very positive note. That can be anything from bigger, more far-reaching ads to decorating the store to bringing more inventory and staff. 

Here are few things to think about as the year’s biggest shopping season swings into high gear.

Have a Sale

Obvious right? The business cycle is just as seasonal as heading to your grandpa’s cabin in the summer. Hanging a sale on specific seasons helps with your brand messaging and can spark interest in your consumers. If you are a service provider such as a plumber, think of Christmas discounts.

Stocking Stuffers

There’s a reason many stores place lots of little items at the point of sale. The last-minute impulse buy. Are there products you can stock up on that your customers could use, or at the very least, stick in a stocking? Look into it.

Make your Website Christmasy

Embrace the season. Show your business’ lighter side. But not only that, do a check of what items sold well in previous years and position those in visible places on your website.

Customer Service

Christmas is a stressful time for many, and even more so for a busy business. However, don’t lose your cool. Have a chat with employees about stress management. Customer service this time of year can be vitally important to gaining new customers and retaining old.

Remember Current Consumers

Fast on the heels of customer service is a simple reminder to reach out to those who have put bread and butter on your table with Christmas cards. Consumers who are not just thought of as a number are more likely to tell others about positive experiences with your organization. Obviously, if you have thousands of consumers this might not be possible. Perhaps an email will do.