'Tis the Season to Be Nice to Sales Staff

November 14, 2017

The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us and Canadians are expected to shell out billions of dollars in the run-up to Christmas morning. Businesses are getting more products in, hiring more staff, in short, getting way more stressed to ensure that consumers have a great experience in their stores.

Let’s be honest, for a multitude of reasons the holidays are stressful for everyone. From cash crunches to relatives we kinda don’t really get along with, the Christmas season isn’t always filled with joy. But that doesn’t mean we need to take our personal stress out on those trying to serve us and get what we need for under the tree. The main point here isn’t to be nice to sales staff or those in the service industry, but to be even nicer.

Here are five things to think about why as consumers, you need to be nice to staff over the holidays:

  1. You think you’re stressed? They’re likely working longer hours for less money. Many stores will have sales especially on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday so they will be stuffed with people looking for a good deal. Make no mistake, the rest of the days will be busy as well.
  2. They are being paid to make you happy. Whether it’s getting a better deal or getting your food served on time, they are working their butts off to help make your holiday experience smooth sailing. So why not curb your frustration, be a little more patient and be nicer.
  3. It sounds like a movie cliche, but be nice to your servers. Many local eateries will be booked solid when it comes to staff Christmas parties and the stress level of restaurant staff, many of whom will be working Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, will be through the roof. Plus they handle your food...nuff’ said.
  4. Don’t try to return things early. Many stores now carry a policy over the holidays that stipulate returns will not be accepted until a later date in January. Following store policies, while not hard and fast law, ensures staff has less to deal with in the Christmas crunch.
  5. Curb your anger. Getting huffy and making demands from someone who does not have the authority to address your problem will get you nowhere and simply add more stress to the staff member’s day. Be a good consumer, make sure you know you are in the right before asking to speak to a higher up. Have you read all the terms and conditions?