BOO! The New Must-Have for Halloween!

October 03, 2017


Ah, fall...October welcomes cooler weather, the wafting of everything pumpkin spice, bundling up for a walk under red, yellow, and orange leaves. Picturesque right? The real scare is around the corner!! Halloween has become a time of year where the average Canadian household now spends hundreds of dollars to get the theme just right. 


It used to be just the little monsters dressing up, carving a pumpkin, screaming trick or treat and making away with their sweet booty. Now we deck the halls at home as much or more as we do for Christmas! Canadians spend an average of 1.5 billion dollars a year on Halloween, and now one word sums up the Halloween experience...animatronics. Now we can festoon our homes and lawns with scary, and realistic moving ghouls to scare the pants off kids and parents alike.


First off, it’s not exactly a cheap way to experience Halloween. Prices for the scary, moving additions can be anywhere from $40 and up. The range of products in this field is always increasing as more people try and outdo their neighbour in creating a realistic graveyard with the dearly departed moving about! A quick Internet search finds pages and pages of spooky possibilities. Going bonkers on animatronics can quickly set you back if you’re not careful.


Like most things these days, many of these products can be ordered online. Halloween is almost here so you want to make sure you order in good time to receive your creepy crawly.


Make sure you understand ALL the return policies. This is especially important if you are buying from a pop-up store that only shows up in October. Many of these stores will not offer a money refund. At best you might get a store credit after the big day. Why? These stores realize many people may wish to buy a bunch of stuff for the big day then simply try to return it in November for a full refund. BBB sees ‘wardrobing,’ as it’s called, as a deceptive practice. It’s not uncommon for Halloween shops to include a no-return policy on costumes.


Remember: There are no laws in B.C. that a business or online store must follow when it comes to return or refund policies. Stores can set their own and we would hope they simply follow them.


Be wary of anything you buy online. Make sure the website is secure and always use a credit card. Also, avoid pop-up ads or social media ads that may simply be click-bait scams after personal information. Search legit websites only.


Did you consider storage before buying? Many of the animatronics are quite large and may not fold away nicely. They may also be fragile and constructed with material that can’t weather the elements well.


Have a safe and animated Halloween!