The Top 5 Reasons Being Charitable Helps Your Brand

September 21, 2017

Go online or turn on the news. Some days it really feels like the sky is falling or the apocalypse is here. A menagerie of hurricanes slamming the South East causing billions in damage while at the same time earthquakes shake Mexico to its core. The loss of life in both are tragic and recovery will take years.

Naturally, we all want to do what we can by donating to any number of charities or Go Fund Me pages. Anything helps. Being charitable from a business owner perspective is also something to consider. Psychologists often say one of the keys to happiness is actually helping others. It’s good for the soul...and it can also be good for your brand in many ways.

Here are the top 5 ways being charitable helps your brand:

  1. It builds morale in your staff. It’s odd to think of something like ‘retention’ in a time of need in another part of the world but at the end of the day, you still have a business to run. Getting your organization involved in charity gives it another sense of purpose and employees are twice as likely to view your corporate culture as positive.
  2. It boosts your public relations dollar. Sponsoring a charity or non-profit organization aligns your brand in a highly visible way within a community. This works even better if your brand has something to do with a charitable event. Think cycling related products sponsoring a ride raising money to fight cancer. Consumers can become more emotionally invested in your brand with the alignment.
  3. It betters your community and those affected by a disaster. Any injection of cash whether it helps build a playground, get kids involved in sports, or buys blankets for the Red Cross is a positive influence in that community.
  4. Grows your client base. Being visible in charity not only solidifies brand loyalty in current customer, it also has the power to win over those from the competition.
  5. It’s a double whammy for your brand. Marketing is an always moving target. What medium should you choose? How much should you spend? What are the messages you wish to convey? Answering all of these at once by aligning with an immediate cause or charitable organization creates brand awareness in a very positive light and adds a dose of philanthropy at the same time.