BBB Feels the Love from Local Businesses

July 05, 2017


Often when the general public thinks of Better Business Bureau it conjures up thoughts and images of angry consumers unable to get an answer from a business they are having a problem with. Those same images can paint a picture of shady businesses that care nothing about customer service as long as they get their hands on your hard-earned cash. Nothing could be further from the truth, to be honest.

From what we can see, British Columbia is a wonderful place to do business and there are thousands of BC businesses who put in an honest day's work where customer service is the top priority. That doesn’t mean they don’t get complaints from time to time. And sometimes those complaints need to be brought to our attention because, all things being equal, it can be tough to come to an amicable solution without a neutral third party getting involved.

While thousands of BC consumers come to us each year for help, it’s often the businesses who are thankful for helping them reach a resolution with their clients where none seemed possible. This, of course, helps a business protect their brand which generates more trust in the marketplace. Dealing with a complaint through BBB can even retain clients for a business.

BBB doesn’t often toot its own horn, however, it’s nice to know that there are plenty of businesses out there, and not just consumers, that appreciate what we do.

#BBBTestimonials from local business owners:

Great value! We are able to resolve complaints quickly and efficiently. Most consumers are satisfied and actually call us to finalize details and share their satisfaction with us.
-Bruno M, Business

It allows for a place to showcase a company’s dedication to their customers, as well as a place that allows a customer to voice concerns. It allows potential customers to see how a company works to look after a customer, even when they are overly aggressive, and also just trying to ruin the reputation of a company based on their own bias, even when a company tries to help them out.
-Brian G, Business

Assists our customers to feel that a complaint is being heard and taken seriously.
-Maria F, Business

A collection company gets many complaints. It goes with the territory. The BBB is a very helpful org in bringing together the consumer and company to resolve any errors or issues on the spot, before it becomes an escalated matter for the legal system, or government offices to resolve
-Edith W, Business

The BBB is a trusted name, and being aligned with that helps build trust with our customers.
-Arthur M, Business

we recognize the value of having a top accreditation with BBB. it is a cornerstone to our business proposition with all of our clients. when a case is opened BBB is fair in assessing the situation and delivering support for all parties.
-Jennifer K, Business