Why it's Good to Join a Board.

May 09, 2017

By Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC


Better Business Bureau serving Mainland BC is holding its 77th Annual General Meeting this year (2017). Wow! That’s a long time! We will be selecting 5 new Board Members who will help guide BBB BC through the next fiscal year. We are very much looking forward to working with these dynamic individuals.

Many non-profit organizations are often guided by an engaged Board of Directors. What is a Board of Directors and what do they do?

Most boards are made up of people not employed by the organization yet bring a raft of insight and experience to the table to help make decisions for the coming fiscal year. The board will often have the power to hire a new CEO for the organization. In essence, the board sets the guidelines to help an organization meet its strategic goals. They also try to ensure the organization has the fiscal means to meet its goals and obligations. It’s always important to note that board positions are usually held by volunteers who wish to have an invested interest in the organization and their community.

So why be part of a board?

It looks good.

Being part of an active board can benefit your career in many ways. It looks great on your resume! Being an active board member at a non-profit in your community shows you like to be engaged and be part of a team trying to make a difference. That non-profit could be a health related charity or even the local theatre company. It shows you are comfortable and confident in bringing your expertise and insight to the table to help an organization move forward.

It feels good.

Being on a board is very philanthropic in nature. It really is about giving back to the community. You’re giving your knowledge and expertise freely to empower an organization and better your community. Maybe your connections can help raise money so that the organization can reach its fiscal goals for the year. You may even be more emotionally connected to the organization than your job!

Your network will expand.

You may be thrown into a room with a dozen other people you may or may not know. They all bring a battery of wisdom and experience. Look at this opportunity as professional development. You will likely learn a skill set or two from the other individuals at the table and vice versa. It may give you access to business and thought leaders in the community. This could be a benefit to your actual career.

You’re helping build something.

Not all non-profits are as established as BBB. You could have been brought on at the grassroots level to help build a new society to benefit the community. In doing so, you may have the opportunity to take on a role that is very different from your everyday job.

You’re contributing to better governance.

A role on a board should not be taken lightly. A larger organization may have many working parts and many employees who depend on good guidance for the survival of the company. By bringing your much-needed skills to the board you are ensuring better governing capacity and by extension, a better future for the organization.