BBB Consumer Guide to Get New Look for 2018

May 02, 2017

By Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC


Sometimes things change, and hopefully for the right reason. Your BBB has been putting out our popular Consumer Guide for going on decades, and next year things will look bigger, better and bolder! The little magazine, published for us by Business in Vancouver Magazine, is now a healthy 64 pages long, chock full of over four thousand BBB Accredited Businesses. It’s also a great space for our Accredited Businesses to spend their advertising dollar on bold, eye-catching ads. This year over 150 thousand copies were distributed around the Lower Mainland and handed out at numerous trade shows. Next year will be no different, except we plan on being slightly more strategic to ensure those who need the services of our Accredited Businesses get the guide in their hands.

For many years BBB has made the guide with a yellow pages feel. That is one of the biggest changes we are making. Next year our pages will be far more vibrant and engaging. Pages will be in white with ads that stand out! (ok not the 3D feel, but you get the point)

Our guide has tons of value. Our Accredited Businesses always tell us that when the Consumer Guides go out, their phones start ringing. The majority of the listings are free for our Accredited Businesses; it’s simply one of the many programs that add value to their accreditation. If a business wants to up their ad game within the guide, then there are many different price points they can get, from bold and colourful ads to buying the whole back cover!

There are benefits to print. In today’s digital age where we are seeing newspapers left and right shutting down as ad dollars go online, there are still a lot of benefits to putting out a hard copy version of our directory.

Hard copies stick around. Newspapers and magazines have a much longer shelf life than say an online banner ad or even traditional TV ads. The guides will go as newspaper inserts, placed in community centres, and delivered to specific neighbourhoods. They get put in a drawer and pulled out when a consumer needs your services. Easy recall.

Print is more tangible and more memorable than other traditional media. It creates high ad recall and can target specific markets (which is what we will be doing). Print can simply be more engaging and users tend to approach reading print more slowly rather than skimming a website equivalent.

Lastly, print is becoming a lot more environmentally friendly as more and more printers opt for recycled material for their products.

If you are an Accredited Business and are interested in ad space in the 2018 Consumer Guide, connect with our Marketing Communications Department today.