BBB Launches National Top 10 Scams of 2016

March 02, 2017


By Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC

We always want things to go well. Murphy’s law states that if something bad can happen, it will (paraphrased of course). BBB serving Mainland BC launched its second National Top 10 Scams campaign on March 1st. Our big event coincides nicely with the kick off of the Competition Bureau’s Fraud Prevention Month. In fact, Victor Hammill with Competition Bureau was on hand to speak at our event. Fortunately, Murphy didn’t throw any wrenches into our event and it went very well! 

This year, like last, was a drive to create the definitive scams list that targeted all Canadians in 2016. We used the resources and information from our own Scam Tracker web page, as well as stats from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and input from our concerned community partners and sponsors. You can see the Top 10 scams HERE.

A lot goes into such an event, and it has been in the development stages since late October! Beyond organizing all BBB's in Canada to come to a consensus on the list, we need to come up with a design, a look and feel and an overall strategy to implement the message. Money needs to be raised because BBB is a non-profit and we rely on partnerships and sponsors to help with our initiatives. As well, a big pat on the back goes to our design and graphics Guru, Sam Ham. He did a great job getting all the necessary elements together on time. After that, a media advisory and press release need to be launched in a timely fashion.

Our news conference was well attended by local media and to date, we’ve had over 65 stories or mentions across the country in just one day.


TV crews from Global, CTV, City TV, CBC, and Fairchild TV

Guest speakers left to right:

Doug Muir of BC Securities Commission (at podium)

Victor Hammill of Competition Bureau of Canada

Roy Toker of Consumer Debtor Protection Canada

Farid Salji of Bank of Canada


BBB serving Mainland BC President, Danielle Primrose, on the tech room monitor at VPD headquarters.


BBB is very proud to have our community partners and sponsors involved again this year. A big thanks to the Competition Bureau, the Bank of Canada, Consumer Debtor Protection Canada, the BC Securities Commission, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, Global Payments Canada, and the Vancouver Police.


See you next year!