Valentine's Day: What to Do & What Not to Do

February 07, 2017

By Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC

February 14th... a day many men (such as myself) become utterly confused. Let’s be honest, many women say it’s a day that means little to them in the grand scheme of things. Guys, don’t fall for it. You know the drill; clean up, pre-book, nice restaurant, flowers, a limo maybe, a card for sure, chocolate, and perhaps a nice present. Easy right? I laugh…nervously.

Here’s a list of what to do and what not to do:

To do: Remember. For the love of Pete guys, don’t forget. Just doing this one little thing can save you from a trip to the dog house. In case you haven’t been outside in the Lower Mainland recently, staying in the dog house isn’t just’s cold and snowy. Plus the dog gets to stay on your side of the bed.

Do Not: Have a pub night with the guys...cuz let’s face it, they forgot too, or have a dreamy night in playing Halo with a six pack and a bag of Cheetos. Not cool.

To Do: Flowers. has plenty of florists in our database that have a good rating. A quick perusal can find the right place located near you. If you don’t know your partner’s favourite type of flower...ask! Delivery at her place of work is classy and shows everyone else in the office her level of importance in your life (points)...yes yes I know, Halo is second.

Do Not: Rush to the nearest grocery store at 11:59 pm on February 14th to grab the last remaining broken stems for $25, because yes, you forgot. (see first To Do:)

To Do: Book a table at a decent restaurant, use OpenTable, cuz Internet. Do this waaaaaay ahead of time, cuz busy remember? No you didn’t remember did you, cuz all you think about is yourself and Halo. Understand that most good restaurants will have two seatings so that means you’ll have a 2-hour window to eat and stare longingly at each other, plan accordingly. Oh, and pick up the tab you cheapskate.

Do Not: Take her to an establishment where you can romantically ask for fries and carry her tray.

To Do: Book a limo. Ok, this is really going the extra mile and will score major points with her and her family (mental note: don't invite the family). has plenty of reputable, and Accredited car services available. Read reviews and view complaint histories.

Do Not: Take her on a romantic 17 km walk to your fave spot...cuz February/rain/Lower Mainland. Nice clothes, get the point. Stay classy...and warm.

To Do: Dress up. Step it up and get a nice button down shirt. You have a decent pair of shoes...wear them. A little effort goes a long way. I’d say shave, but beards are still in it seems.

Do Not: Show up in a hoodie and Vans because you still think you can cut it as a hipster or some guy who can’t let go of the past. No, wearing a Canucks jersey is not dressing up. Jeans? No. Favourite T-shirt? Do you see where I’m going with this?

If you manage to get well beyond the first few Valentine’s Days…

To Do: Research reputable jewelers at Ask about um...return policies. Many offer payment plans. We know you want to buy her the biggest diamond, but stay in budget, she’ll still love you.

Do Not: This is where it gets serious. You bought a ring, things didn’t go as planned, and you want to sell it. Do not advertise its value. Meet potential purchasers in a well lit public place and bring a friend. There are many reputable gold and diamond resellers at who may be interested in buying it.

If you got the answer you were looking for…

To Do: Research wedding planners at, we have lots. Buy wedding insurance...yes, it’s a thing. You can even buy it two years in advance in some cases.

Do Not: Leave her standing at the altar.