Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

January 31, 2017


In 2011, BBB serving Mainland BC received the Best Employer Award in the Nonprofit category given out by BC Business. Fast forward to today, and your BBB continues to strive to create an open, happy, and inclusive workplace.

Today, the atmosphere in the BBB offices on Beatty Street in Vancouver continues to be very much one of family and inclusion. Nonprofit organizations often bring the sentiment that “We’re all in this together,” and that is very true for BBB serving Mainland BC. The bottom line is employees are happy and they feel heard. The result, of course, is growth. BBB serving Mainland BC is poised to hit the 4000 Accredited Businesses mark and we offer more programs to our Accredited Businesses and consumers than ever before.

While I could go on about the benefits of working for BBB, it does highlight the need for a positive and inclusive work culture if organizations wish to experience growth and retain talent.

The Top 5 Key Elements that Lead to a Positive Workplace Culture

  1. Without a doubt, positive reinforcement goes a long way. It’s not always about how much money you make. Sometimes it’s a simple pat on the back or a “Way to go on that project!” These positive affirmations work best, of course, when coming from the boss. You feel noticed, appreciated, a part of the team, and integral to the overall success of the organization.
  2. Believe it or not, recent studies find having some autonomy at work is one of the biggest driving factors when creating a happy workplace culture. This is very true of BBB serving Mainland BC. When left to one’s own devices, it’s been proven to drive productivity and make happy workers. The employee feels trusted to get the job done and get it done right. Having the ability to at least make a few decision on your own without someone lurking over your shoulder makes for happier and more engaged employees.
  3. Life is busy. Life has kids, pets, hobbies, friends, family...the list goes on. Having flexibility in your job builds happiness in employees. Want to retain your talent? Understand that if an employee has the freedom to make that kid’s soccer game or that special event they have been waiting six months for, it goes a long way to keeping employees happy. What firms are finding these days with the growth and flexibility of the Internet, is providing employees the ability to work remotely creates happiness and productivity. Employee engagement company TINYpulse did a study and found employees with options of working remotely are:
    1. Happier
    2. More productive
    3. Feel more valued
  4. The potential for growth. Not everyone wants or needs to climb the ladder and lead the entire team, however, employees typically don’t wish to stay in the same position forever. Having the potential for growth in your profession, even if you don’t like the current job, makes us approach our job more optimistically. Bottom line...we want to feel like we are getting somewhere.
  5. Does your company’s mission make a difference in the community? If it does, you’re one step closer to creating a happy and positive corporate culture. Many firms give back to the community in their own way even if the goal is to sell product and make money. Getting the company involved in philanthropic efforts help drive that sense of purpose. BBB’s mission is to advance marketplace trust. It’s a lofty goal and one that all the employees can easily get behind.