BBB TV Advertising - Top 5 Reasons Why You Should

November 15, 2016


BBB Coop TV of numerous marketing campaigns your local BBB offers as added value to our Accredited Businesses. Why do we do it? In a nutshell, because it raises BBB awareness while at the same time promoting your business. As a not-for-profit organization, we can secure advertising rates that are, at times, half the cost of regular advertising; savings that we pass along to our Accredited Businesses. They are coop ads, which means the BBB logo must play a role in the commercials, but that’s really the only stipulation. The rest is all about your business.

For many businesses, the thought of TV advertising is a pipe dream as it can be so expensive and highly competitive for placement. When one thinks about the cost of a Super Bowl ad, for example, you can see why so many people think their advertising dollar may be best spent elsewhere. Make no mistake, BBB coop ads will not make it to the Super would be cool though, wouldn’t it?

Most of BBB’s coop TV ads revolve around news broadcasts. They are easy relationships to build and of course generate lots of impressions for our Accredited clients. What is an impression you ask? It’s the number of times your ad is viewed over a given period...not to be confused with the number of ads actually running. Let’s say your ad is guaranteed 2 million impressions. That does not necessarily mean 2 million different people saw your ad. One person could theoretically have viewed it 2 million times if you follow. Your ad could be seen by the same 50 thousand people every day for 40 days to hit 2 million mark. AND THIS IS THE POINT!!! Repetition creates the instant recall when it comes to a consumer who needs your type of service. But I are the Top 5 Reasons to take advantage of BBB’s TV ad campaigns.


  1. Our ad campaigns are so much more affordable than going it alone. If you’re comfortable with an ad that also highlights your BBB Accreditation, then these are for you. Our most expensive campaign is with Global News and that tops out at 4399.00. CTV News, Breakfast Television on City and KVOS MeTV are even cheaper. AND we can guarantee exclusivity based on your type of business so as not to compete for the audience.
  2. Reach. Every one of our TV campaigns get at least 2.5 million impressions and most run 11 - 12 weeks or more. All are province wide and you will be seen. I should mention at this point that we do have larger campaigns that can garner nearly 30 million impressions over an entire year, but like anything else, they do cost a chunk more than 4 thousand. Some businesses have deeper pockets and need to send a message to a broader audience.
  3. Target market. Do you want to reach homeowners who are 25 and older? We have the product for you. Maybe you want to reach those who stay at home and catch the noon news, or those checking traffic and weather updates just before leaving for work. Most news broadcasts fall into these categories in terms of audience. However, our KVOS MeTV product hits a more mature audience with longer ads for which to tell your story. It’s easy to connect with these viewers through this medium because TV viewing is when the audience is most tuned in.
  4. Show don’t tell. The biggest benefit of TV advertising is the ability to tell your story through words and pictures. As visual beings, this is the best way to sell your product or service. Because our coop ads typically run 7 to 10 seconds, moving video of you or your company isn’t always an option. High-resolution imagery and a well written script is all that is required. Our KVOS MeTV package can include video if you have something already produced that they can use. Did we mention all production is included in the prices? Now you know.
  5. The big kahuna...credibility. Aligning your brand with BBB and a local news station, both trusted brands, builds trust and credibility in your business, and that can drive consumers to your door. But don’t forget, you need to be Accredited with BBB to take advantage of these campaigns and others.


Do you have any question about BBB TV advertising? Connect with BBB serving Mainland BC today.

Amy Lauzon, Marketing Program Manager
604-681-0312 Ext: 399

Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor