BBB's Dispute Resolution System Works

October 11, 2016


Did you know that BBB serving Mainland BC closed over seven thousand complaints in 2015? We are about to do that again in 2016. Long story's a lot of hard work done by a dedicated Dispute Resolution team.

Below are just a few testimonials by consumers who came to BBB because they could not get a resolution to the issues they were having with local businesses. This is not to point a finger at businesses or consumers, because if BBB knows one thing, is that it's sometimes hard for one party to hear what the other is saying when emotions get in the way. Our Dispute Resolution Counselors are trained in being the neutral third party in a conflict and do a great job in getting an amicable resolution for both sides.


"BBB was able to resolve the issue above my expectations. Thank you so much."

-Ron Carlo D.


"It's a great balance between the business and the consumer and make the community to be more fair."

-Joanne Z.


"I never would have had my situation resolved if it wasn't for BBB."

-Daisy Y.


"The entire process was clearly explained including their role in working to resolve the complaint between the two parties. With a legitimate company assisting in the process, I felt more confident that the issue would be taken seriously. Thank you so much for your help."

-Lindsay W.


"They got me the answers I needed to feel secure."

-Emilia Z.

"I had called and discussed my complaint with the sales agent and the insurance company and they offered nothing. Four months later I sent my complaint to BBB and after about 3 weeks the insurance company called to offer an acceptable solution to me. I am certain the resolution was because BBB contacted them. Thank you."

-Peter E.

"BBB contacted the company on our behalf, which added weight and a sense of seriousness to our complaint that the company we were complaining about didn't quite get otherwise. Without them, I fully believe the issue would be ongoing since I was unsuccessful bringing it to a close for 3 years on my own."

-Patricia S.

For more information about our dispute resolution process, go here.