BBB Updates Online Business Profiles

October 25, 2016


Trust matters. Each day, nearly half a million people across North America access to look up information on local businesses. Consumers use this information to help them choose a reliable business or service provider. Now the way we offer that online information is changing.

BBB Business Reviews at now have a whole new look and functionality. Most importantly, is the adoption of a name change from Business Reviews to “Business Profiles.” BBB serving Mainland BC is proud to be the first bureau in the North American BBB network to adopt these changes. The rest of the 108 bureaus will follow suit over the next few months.

Why did we do this?

The term BBB Business Review has been around for some time. Through extensive research, it was found that “BBB Business Profile” explained the online database better than “BBB Business Review.” The term ‘review’ also implies that we are reviewing a company based on personal experience as if BBB hired them. As a neutral third party BBB neither recommends nor recommends against using a business, unless of course there were grave concerns about how a business was operating. Using the term ‘profile’ is simply a better use of the language based on what BBB does in the marketplace as an unbiased, and trusted reporting agency. It also aligns better with the wide variety of demographics searching for businesses at

The new functionality simply brings the profiles up to current design and trends that render them easier to view and navigate. Accredited Businesses will have the added ability to customize their profiles and add pictures, video, and social media plug ins.

BBB Business Profiles may have a new name and an updated, user-friendly look, but the free information is all still there, and still easy to access. Each company’s new BBB Business Profile is search-engine optimized and includes:

  • Accreditation status, and the BBB Accredited Business Seal for those businesses meeting the eight BBB Standards for Trust
  • BBB Business Rating, with a link to its unique ratings structure
  • Overview information about the business, owner(s), contact details, location and map details, products/services, length of time in business, alerts from BBB, required licensing, any advertising concerns, and any government actions
  • Customer Reviews, with responses from the business if applicable
  • Complaints, with details from consumers and responses from the business
  • Composite “Star Score”, comprised of the BBB Rating and BBB Customer Reviews
  • Links for consumers to “Request A Quote”, “File a Complaint,” or “Submit a Review”
  • Additional links to business’s social media pages, website, email and phone numbers
  • Pictures and videos from the business (if supplied)

Better Business Bureau has been around for over 100 years. The organization has been witness to many things along the way and has been able to keep up with changes in communication. As we move forward into the 21st century BBB will stay current, and our database of Business Profiles will be easy for consumers and businesses alike to use and continue to advance trust in the marketplace.