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August 16, 2016



BBB serving Mainland BC has a new space for our monthly Bulletins and blogs. Our new B2B Spotlight article is an opportunity for Accredited Businesses to showcase who they are and what they do. Our first article features Campbell, Edgar Inc. recruiting. Founder and CEO, Elaine Hay is a proud business owner and BBB Accredited. She is also a BBB Governor on our Board!

Campbell, Edgar Inc. was founded in 1993 with a passion and a strong determination to improve the Canadian Retail experience. Over the years, Campbell, Edgar has expanded and now recruits professionals across a broad spectrum of businesses for positions across the country and beyond.

Elaine Hay,CPC is a management professional with over thirty years experience in retail and recruitment. With extensive experience in store and regional management,buying and store directorship,Elaine recognized the need for a non-biased expert that executives could work with to explore and be counseled for appropriate career options,as well as a proactive solution for companies with ongoing frustrations in finding and keeping top personnel.

Get to know Elaine!

We asked her a few questions about why she choose the recruitment industry.

Why did you get into the profession of human resource recruitment?

After spending many years managing people in the retail world, it was clear to me that matching a person's skills and personality with the right position for them, produced a superior employee and representative for the company. Getting to that understanding after one or two job interviews with a potential employee is almost impossible for a typical company manager to achieve. It is just not practical that companies and potential employees spend a lot of time getting to know one another to ensure that there is a good fit before a hire is made. That's where I come in - I see myself as a career matchmaker.

What differentiates Campbell Edgar from your competition?

As a Career matchmaker, I take the extra time with people to look beyond the resume to the person, their needs , wants and desires, in addition to their skills. Looking at the individual rather than just their resume allows me to make really great matches for my clients needs. The relationships I build with my candidates have lasted for years and in some cases decades, and it's this extensive network across Canada and beyond that allows me to find the best matches for my clients.

What were some of the most difficult obstacles you have faced in this industry?

Probably the most difficult obstacles for me are clients who enlist our services, but then don't value the actual work we do. We make long term matches. We are not just distributors of resumes - they don't need my services if that's all they want.

How do you ensure you have found the right candidate for the job?

By having in-depth and candid conversations with both company representatives and potential candidates about a given search, and having 4 decades of  knowledge of the marketplace as a whole, I make educated and suitable introductions of high caliber people that not only saves companies time and money in the hiring process, but that will enrich their team and profits in the long run.

As part of our B2B Spotlight program, Elaine Hay and Campbell, Edgar Inc. are unbundling some of their services for Accredited Businesses who could save money on their recruitment needs.

Some of the services include:

  • A flat rate of $295.00 company set up fee.

  • Receive and record all inbound resumes at $14.50 per resume.

  • Preliminary phone interviews. Just $21.50 per interview.

  • In-depth behavioral interviews. $75.00 per interview with a 45-min minimum.

  • Reference checking and more.

For more information on Campbell, Edgar and the services they offer, go here.

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