BBB and Google

August 23, 2016

BBB has long been involved in developing partnerships with big and influential brands across North America. One of the biggest we work with is Internet giant, Google. In case you don’t know, Google is “ American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.Most of its profits are derived from AdWords, an online advertising service that places advertising near the list of search results.” (Wiki)

As a not-for-profit, BBB has the benefit of being able to access Google Grants. This is a program set up by Google do drive not-for-profit initiatives. We were lucky enough to be accepted into the program, several other BBB’s have as well. The program allows us to create AdWord campaigns essentially for free. Not every not-for-profit uses this, but they should probably look into it! Suffice to say, it’s a terrific and beneficial advertising opportunity for those not-for-profits who wouldn’t normally have a budget for such a thing in order to help raise awareness. Google, we thank you!

BBB serving Mainland BC itself has put together an AdWord campaign to help drive people to our website and add to our overall presence in the online world. Our own campaign sometimes has a side effect. Google pulls from our internal database for business examples that go in our ad campaign. In effect, they have created free advertising for a number of our Accredited Businesses. It’s a happy side effect to be sure, and it’s not something we have a lot of control over. One of our primary objectives is to create business for our Accredited Businesses however which way that may happen. Whether it’s through simply using your accreditation and our logo, one of our many marketing programs, or happy accidents like your business showing up in our ad. Well...not everyone sees it that way.

We had one incident when an Accredited Business showed up in a BBB ad over a  weekend. Without naming the business, it apparently was not taken well. The business did not approve of the advertising showing up on the weekend hours despite the fact it was technically free. Well, what can you do? Best intentions don't always go according to plan. Suffice to say, we have little control over what happens in those ads and any issues would be dealt with after the fact. If for any reason an Accredited Business is not happy with something that is going on from our end, we are more than happy to rectify the situation. If you show up somewhere that you were not anticipating and don’t approve, please let us know asap.

BBB’s partnership goes beyond Google Grants. For years we have had our SES (Search Engine Solutions) campaign up and running for select business categories. Our program helps consumers find your business through a simple Google search. With the AdWords we employ, BBB’s landing page for ‘Roofers,’ for example, populates in the top three results over 80% of the time. Users click on the listing and navigate to a dedicated landing page of BBB Accredited Roofers, where your business, complete with logo and a direct link to your website, would be listed . With just one click away from the Google results, it's easy for any consumer to find you. Keep in mind there are only ten business categories that can access our SES program.

We are proud of our partnership with Google and hope as an Accredited Business you see the value in the relationships we build that, in the end, are meant to add value to your partnership with BBB.

For more information on our SES campaign contact our Marketing Program Manager, Amy Whitham.

604-681-0312 EXT: 399