It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a BBB Accredited Business!

July 20, 2016

By contributing writer, Camie Leard of BBB Calgary


If you own or work for a BBB Accredited Business, you already know how Accreditation benefits you: increased visibility and credibility in the marketplace that leads to new business and more. But do you know the impact your Accreditation has on your community? By being a BBB Accredited Business, you are directly responsible for upwards of 2 million instances of service to the local community every year.

Your BBB Accreditation fee funds our mission to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust and our vision of an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. You ensure we further our values of excellence, respect, trust, teamwork and integrity in Vancouver, Kelowna, Prince George, Yellow Knife, and all places in between. How do we do it?

Build and maintain our database: Information is power and together, you and your BBB has more than 90,000 unbiased business profiles available at Profiles include licensing information, complaint history, validated customer reviews, government actions and a letter grade that allows consumers to make an educated choice about how they spend their money.

Dispute Conciliation: As Superman works for peace on earth, you help your BBB act as an unbiased third party for more than 7,500 customer disputes every year. BBB helps resolve disputes and find resolutions to continue to build marketplace trust in our community. These services are free of charge and funded completely by your Accreditation fees.

Investigations: Just like intrepid reporter Peter Parker (aka Spiderman), your BBB seeks the truth about marketplace scoundrels by conducting numerous investigations every year. When we notice a pattern of complaints or hear something especially troubling, our team of experts looks into the issue and, when necessary, takes action by informing the police, the media and consumers about bad players. And your Accreditation makes that possible!

Consumer Education: Our Community Engagement team delivers upwards of 80 consumer education presentations to seniors, students, homeowners, investors and newcomers to Canada each year. Your Accreditation fees ensure thousands of consumers in vulnerable communities are armed to protect themselves against marketplace villains.

Public Outreach: Just like any good superhero, your job is to protect the public. Your BBB is in the news an average of six times a week throughout BC warning the public about scams, providing consumer tips on hiring contractors or making major purchases and talking about marketplace issues that affect us all. 

Just like many of our favourite superheroes, you are often modest about your contribution. On behalf of the citizens, we at your BBB just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do for the community. We encourage you to spread the word about your Accreditation and what it means. Show your Accredited Business Seal at your place of business, on your trucks, invoices, receipts and, of course, on your cape.