Three Reasons Your Business Needs the BBB Dynamic Seal

November 10, 2015


The BBB Dynamic Seal plays a large role in today’s marketplace for Accredited Businesses. The consumer landscape, in case you hadn’t noticed, has gone digital. Your services may be the stuff of bricks, mortar and wood but make no mistake, a potential customer will do an online search for your type of business before they decide which company to go with. That’s all well and good, but how are they going to make that final decision which affects your bottom line? The BBB Dynamic Seal helps them come to that decision.


The Three Reasons You Need the Dynamic Seal (beyond the fact it has the famous BBB blue and white logo informing consumers you put trust above all)


  1. The simple aligns your business with the BBB brand. Of course it does much more than that. The BBB Dynamic Seal is ‘clickable’ which means it’s linked to your BBB Business Review. Once a potential customer clicks on it, they can view your online presence from BBB perspective.  This opens them up to how you deal with complaints (should you receive any) and BBB Customer Reviews which could further enhance their experience and research before making a financial decision.

  2. Through analytics and engagement with our Accredited Businesses we have determined that through the use of the BBB Dynamic Seal businesses have experienced between 10-50 percent increased revenue and customer engagement. Engagement is key when raising credibility and brand awareness.

  3. Three little letters that are so important in the digital landscape: S.E.O. The BBB Dynamic Seal helps people find you online. The seal is coded with the right tags and keywords that help search engines like Google locate your website because BBB’s findability is very strong in its own right. The added benefit is any search terms and keywords are nicely embedded in the link which is, as I mentioned, within the famous BBB logo and not some photo with a caption or awkward looking url a user needs to follow.

The Dynamic Seal Program is a subscription service available to BBB Accredited Buinesses in good standing. If you have not yet made arrangements for this service, contact your account manager.

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