10 Terms Unique to BBB and What They Mean!

November 24, 2015
  1. Dynamic Seal

    1. This is for Accredited Businesses only. It’s our famous logo that is applied to company’s website that allows consumers to click through to the company’s BBB Business Review.

  2. Accredited Business

    1. These are the businesses that believe in ethics and trust in the marketplace. They have been invited to join BBB and have passed the 13 requirements the business must meet in order to receive accreditation. It is these Accredited Businesses that support BBB’s community efforts to raise awareness of who we are, what we do and of course scams that target all of us.

  3. Dispute Resolution

    1. This is one of our many free services offered to the public and businesses. Should a complaint against a business come in, we have a dispute resolution process that aims to get both parties to the table to try and reach an amicable agreement.

  4. Complaint Process

    1. BBB has a complaint process that must be completed either online, by mail or at our office on Beatty Street in Vancouver. Complaints must be made online. BBB vets the complaints to ensure a marketplace transaction did take place and that it’s not just someone wanting to drag a business through the mud. Only after that process is complete would we publish the complaint. The business has 14 days to respond to the complaint in writing and our dispute resolution process takes over.

  5. Business Review

    1. These are where consumers can find BBB ratings on any given business if they are in our database. Consumers can read about any complaints filed against a company and if it was resolved. Consumers can also read Customer Reviews and see what the company’s letter grade is.

  6. Rating

    1. Our letter grades for businesses are famous all across North America. A business letter grade is based on a very specific algorithm and takes into account numerous factors such as size of business, length of time in business, number of complaints, complaint resolution and gross annual revenue.

  7. Customer Reviews

    1. BBB Customer Reviews are relatively new for BBB. These are not complaints and should not be taken as such. This is simply a free service where consumers can write a positive, negative or neutral review about a company they have dealt with. These are vetted to ensure no fake reviews are published. In conjunction with a businesses’ letter grade, a star rating is then applied. A customer review does not affect a businesses’ letter grade.

  8. Start With Trust

    1. This is BBB’s current tag line. As the sentiment goes, when opening a business you start with trust!

  9. Marketplace Ethics

    1. This truly is BBB’s mission. The create trust between business and consumers in an ethical marketplace where businesses and consumers are responsive and transparent when dealing with issues that may arise.

  10. Scam Tracker

    1. A brand new, free feature for consumers to report and track scams. Through the use of an interactive heat map on our website, consumers can input country, region, city and keywords to find and report scams affecting them. Victims can remain anonymous if they choose, or they have the option to be contacted by the media if need be.