5 Things You Might Not Know About BBB

October 13, 2015

BBB serving Mainland B.C. has been around for quite some time. However just because we’ve been around and active in the community for 75 years doesn’t mean the general public is fully aware of what we do to protect consumers and the marketplace in general.

The obvious facts that are generally known about BBB is that we are a non-profit, non-governmental organization that screens, monitors and approves businesses for BBB Accreditation. We also have our famous rating system that operates on an algorithm that all businesses can be subject to if we have the necessary and up-to-date information about a business. Depending on how a business is operating within the community, it can receive a rating anywhere from an A+ to an F. BBB also fields complaints from consumers about businesses. As a reporting agency we have an obligation to publish those complaints as it is in the public interest to do so.

We are more than just that.

Here are the Top 5 things you might not know about your BBB:

  1. Education: Your BBB is very active in the community when it comes to education about ethics in the marketplace and scams. BBB serving Mainland B.C. averages one speaking engagement a month where we raise awareness of scams targeting the general public and their hard earned cash. Seniors groups, immigrants, educators, students and even law enforcement are some of the audiences we get in front of. Our annual Top 10 Scams is the pinnacle of those efforts. BBB also hosts numerous webinars throughout the year where entrepreneurs can learn more about growing their business.

  2. News rooms trust our judgement: Our education process continues as BBB is called upon numerous times a month to offer its thoughts on business stories or scams affecting you. In 2015 BBB serving Mainland B.C. has been sought for comment over 150 times.

  3. Internal Operations: Believe it or not, the majority of staff at BBB B.C. are not involved with getting businesses accredited. Over 80 percent of the staff on Beatty Street in Vancouver are involved with programs aimed at enhancing the Accredited Business experience, Accredited Business engagement and consumer services and awareness campaigns.

  4. Dispute Resolution: BBB isn't just about fielding complaints and publishing them online. We want to see those complaints resolved in an equitable manner. Beyond complaint publishing (BBB B.C. has now published over 6000) we offer Dispute Resolution between consumers and businesses. This is a free service offered to both parties involved and is part of what accreditation fees support. We reach out to the consumer and the business to try and get both parties to the table to see if a solution can be reached where both are satisfied with the outcome.

  5. We are a Community:  BBB is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in an ethical marketplace and deliver on their promises to be transparent and inclusive when it comes to dealing with complaints. We engage with our Accredited Businesses to enable networking opportunities that in turn nurture new business relationships. Those Accredited with us are not just businesses who want our logo, they stand behind it and must earn their right to use it. BBB Accreditation is not something we simply hand out to whomever wants it. That sense of business ethics must be demonstrated in order to be part of BBB.

All of these parts are done in the public’s interest. They are driven by our Accredited Businesses who pay an annual fee to be part of our community. Without them we would be able to champion trust and integrity in the marketplace and provide the many services we offer free of charge.