Top 5 Reasons to Become BBB Accredited

September 15, 2015

By Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC


It’s one of the first questions we at BBB are asked. Why should I become Accredited? Fair question. But before I answer, bear in mind this question has been asked by countless businesses over the past 100 years. In case you weren’t aware, BBB started long before you were born. Why did BBB start in the first place? It’s a simple answer: to stamp out false and misleading advertising and create trust between businesses and consumers. So when you ask why become Accredited, the reasons are simple.


  1. Trust. The first reason is to show potential consumers that your business stands for trust and integrity. From the start of forming a relationship with a new client or another business, they know that trust is part of the package.
  2. Look for the Seal. It’s no secret that the marketplace can be a hugely competitive place. It seems like everyone has the same great idea and plans to corner the market. It seldom ends up that way. Instead, business owners must find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Having the BBB logo on company vehicles, websites and business cards is one easy way to do that. BBB always encourages consumers to ‘Look for the Seal.’
  3. Reputation. BBB history spans over a century. Few organizations can make that claim and because our reputation and brand recognition go back that far, attaching your brand to it only adds to your own credibility. Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the United States Alan Greenspan once said “Your reputation is everything.” This is so very true. What you sell or what service you offer is secondary to your reputation. Being aligned with BBB simply adds to your reputation because it means you are transparent, honour commitments and deal with any issues that may arise. BBB of course can help in creating a dialogue between you and a consumer through our Dispute Resolution process.
  4. Networking. Better Business Bureau isn’t just about becoming accredited and slapping a logo on your business. We are about helping build your network. We do this in a variety of ways. Your BBB holds monthly events that bring business owners together and webinars to help share your expertise. We engage the public at multiple events through the year and often have trade show benefits that we can pass on to our Accredited Businesses.
  5. Marketing Programs. Your BBB develops relationships with many local media outlets in order to create excellent and highly impactful advertising opportunities for our Accredited Businesses. We cover the spread. Print, online, radio and TV; we offer at all. We are a not for profit organization and because of that status we can secure rates the regular public can’t. In short we save you time and money when meeting your advertising needs.

While I can sit here and list the reasons to become Accredited, make no mistake, not everyone can. It’s not a simple process and start-up businesses who think they can give us a call and use the logo by simply paying a fee will be very disappointed. Like the trust we stand behind, BBB Accreditation must be earned.