Be a BBB Ambassador

Be part of the BBB Team!

If you are looking to get more involved in your business community, build a great network of contacts, and develop new relationships with other businesses, then please don't hesitate to volunteer at BBB events as a BBB Ambassador! BBB Ambassadors are individuals who represent their Accredited Businesses and abide by the BBB Code of Business Practices and promote the benefits of Accreditation. We would love to have you represent your company and BBB to those who are considering becoming accredited with us. What better way to show that than to showcase businesses already part of the BBB family.

You and your company will be featured on our website as a BBB Ambassador.

Say hello to Matt Pregent of Wheelin' Mobility, Jill Glass of AllCargo Express Inc., Todd Reavley of Aspect Designs, Jennifer Leeg of Euro Canadian Contractors, and Micro Biologist Danny Tan. Our BBB Ambassadors!

Matt Pregent

Jill Glass

Todd Reavley

Jennifer Leeg

Danny Tan

For more information contact our Events Specialist, Carly Suavé.