Better Business Bureau Right to Report


Better Business Bureau of Winnipeg and Manitoba Inc. has the “right to report” on businesses because it is a Fundamental Freedom of Expression, protected under The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. BBB is free to report on businesses because what we report on is truthful and without malicious intent to harm the reputation of a business.  

BBB provides responsible communication on matters of public interest. Since 1930, we have provided information about businesses and their marketplace conduct. We report fairly, treating all businesses and consumers the same, providing objective and accurate reports on business without bias or opinion. BBB does not profit from the public reports on business, and the reports are without charge and accessible to the public, based upon request.

Like the media and other reporting organizations, BBB’s “right to report” is based on qualified privilege. The Better Business Bureau has a social duty to report on businesses in its service area to help advance our mission to promote ethical business practice and business self-regulation in the marketplace. What we report is based on truth; therefore, we are obligated to make the information publicly available.

If you have any concerns on the Better Business Bureau's right to report, contact BBB Communications at 204 989-9010.