BBB Reporting Period


BBB reporting policies reflect our collective opinion about the types of business information that is important for inquirers to know as they make informed purchasing decisions. Based on our extensive experience in the marketplace, BBBs determined that inquirers should be informed about such information as the business location, identities of individuals who manage the business, complaint history and how the business responds, advertising concerns and government actions against the business involving its marketplace activity. 

Our marketplace experience also informed our opinions about how long we should make this information available to inquirers – that is, the period of time that the information is likely to have some bearing on a business’s trustworthiness and therefore be relevant to the purchasing decision. It is our experience that complaint information is likely to be pertinent for three years, while resolution of an advertising challenge is likely to be pertinent for one year. Similarly, it is BBB’s opinion that government actions are relevant to inquirers for a period of three years following the date that the action becomes final.