Awards Criteria & Application Form

The following are criteria for each of the categories for the BBB Torch Awards program – Marketplace Excellence, Advancing Marketplace Trust, Consumer Leadership and Green Award. Criteria are designed to provide flexibility to nominees in best describing and supporting their business’s activities. Criteria also allow for flexibility in evaluation, leaving room for subjective consideration, rather than a judging process purely driven by statistical analysis.

Category – Marketplace Excellence
(Open to public nomination)

A business should demonstrate its superior commitment to exceptional standards that benefit its customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and surrounding communities. The business must provide supporting documentation in four areas for consideration in the Marketplace Excellence category. While examples from all four areas must be provided, the bullet points below are only suggestions and not all bullet points are required to be addressed in order for a business to compete in this category.

1.) Management Practices
Note: Owners of companies with no employees must explain how a personal commitment to exceptional standards is applied in business practices.

Pertinent sections from an employee handbook, business manual or training program (formal or informal) showing how the business’ commitment to exceptional standards are communicated to and implemented by employees

A vision, mission or core values statement describing the business’s commitment to exceptional standards that benefit its customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and surrounding communities

Formal training and/or procedures used to address concerns an employee may have in dealing with ethical issues

Management practices and policies that foster positive employee relations

Employee benefits and/or work place practices contributing to the quality of family life

Actions taken to assess and mitigate risks, and prevent workplace injury

Examples of sound environmental practices

Examples of operational practices focused on security and privacy issues – on and offline

Illustrations of your business’s commitment to standards that build trust in the marketplace (i.e. customer service program, employee relation policy or practice, vendor/supplier relationship, etc.)

2.) Community/Investor/Stakeholder Relations

Examples of the business’s vision, mission and/or core values statement in action – describing how the business’s beliefs have been leveraged for the benefit of consumers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and surrounding communities

Business policies and practices that demonstrate accountability and responsibility to communities, investors and other stakeholder audiences

Corporate governance practices address accountability and responsibility to shareholders

Complimentary feedback from customers, vendors, suppliers and /or community leaders

Actions taken by the business demonstrating service "beyond the call of duty"

Brief case study examples of circumstances in which the business made tough decisions that had negative short-term consequences, but created long-term value and benefits

Examples of, and results produced by pro bono work

Examples of the business working closely within the community and making a positive social impact – and any recognition for charitable and/or community service projects.

3.) Communications and Marketing Practices

Descriptions of methods the business uses to ensure all sales, promotional materials and advertisements are truthful and accurate

Sales training policies and/or codes of ethics used by sales personnel that ensure all transactions are made in a transparent, honest manner

Crisis communications efforts and associated marketing actions that educated audiences, prevented negative outcomes and restored trust and confidence in the business, its products and services

Examples of internal communications practices benefiting employees and contributing to overall business effectiveness and efficiency

4.) Industry Reputation

Media coverage reflecting the business’s industry and community reputation as a trustworthy business

Awards, recognition and/or complimentary letters from within the business’s industry, trade group or community

Category – Advancing Marketplace Trust
(Open to public nomination)

To be considered for the BBB Torch Awards in the category of Advancing Marketplace Trust, a business must have set significant new standards of excellence impacting trust in the marketplace through innovative voluntary actions, programs, or sustainment activities. A selection committee will nominate companies that have:

Developed a new product or service

Improved the quality of existing products or services

Developed entirely new markets

Changed the choices people have or make

Elevated standards for its industry or developed marketplace standards crossing all industries

Worked closely within its community to make a positive social impact

The business must have been in business for at least five years and must be financially sound and fiscally responsible. Each program, service or initiative being judged must have been completed by the organization within the past two years or be an ongoing project.

Enviromental Friendly Award
(Open to public nomination)

This year the Enviromental Friendly Award expands its definition of “green” to include social purpose businesses along with environmentally sustainable practices.

The hybridization of social and environmental mission with business is a growing trend in business. These are businesses that are blend financial success with a strong commitment to positive social and environmental outcomes. Social benefits include business practices that help revitalize neighbourhoods, create opportunities for marginalized groups, or otherwise strengthen and support community economic and social development. Positive environmental outcomes go beyond basic office recycling programs to minimize or mitigate pollution, waste, or carbon footprint associated with the business products, services and operations. Some businesses even find ways to generate impacts that benefit our environment and natural resources.

Position Statement

On a separate piece of paper provide a brief statement describing your company’s position regarding integrity and ethical practices in your business. If your company has adopted a formal policy, mission statement, or other corporate document relating to ethical standards and practices, please attach a copy.

Environmental Commitment

A business must demonstrate leadership and innovation in minimizing the business’s impact on the environment and/or caring for the environment. Please provide no more than three (3) examples, and summarize the examples on a separate piece of paper (two 8.5x11 inch pages maximum or 400 words maximum). A business must provide support concerning its impacts on the environment in which it operates, as shown by resource use, pollution control, land use, biodiversity, remediation, regulatory compliance and environmental impact of products or services. The examples can also include involvement of people inside and outside the business in environmental stewardship.


Community Benefits

A business must show its commitment to positive social change in relationship to the communities in which they operate. On a separate sheet of paper the individual must provide no more than three (3) examples of demonstrated impact on the communities in which they operate as shown by volunteering, community engagement and support, and/or initiatives support marginalized groups and charitable organizations (two 8.5x11 inch pages maximum or 400 words maximum).

Thank you all for joining us at our 3rd Annual Torch Awards on Thursday, October 18th at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. To view photos of this memorable event, please click here.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 Torch Awards on October 24th, 2013 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. In the meantime, if you have a great business in mind, nominate them for next year's event! Here's the nomination form. To apply for the Torch Awards, click here for the Business Application Form.

The Deadline for the 2013 Torch Awards Nominations is June 30th, 2013. So get those nominations in as soon as possible! 

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