Respond to A Customer Complaint
A prompt response to any customer complaint, and one which addresses all questions and issues raised by the customer, will help your business maintain positive customer relationships.  Remember, you are responding to your customer.  The BBB is a neutral party in any dispute and our goal is to help your business and the customer reach an agreement or understanding that is fair to all concerned.  The BBB recognizes that a customer complaint states only one side of the story.  Often, your response will give a different side of the story that will cause an impartial observer to see the matter differently, and can also help your customer better understand your company's position.  We encourage you to stick to the facts, try to keep emotion out of the response and avoid any temptation to "attack the customer," even if you feel that the customer has unfairly attacked your company in the complaint.  Thank you for your attention to this matter!**Add the code below to all your webpages, right before the tag**

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