BBB - Porch Partnership

Built on trust

BBB and Porch partnership built on trust. Find local accredted contractors, plumbers, electricians, handyman.

BBB and Partner to Provide Homeowners with Trusted Resources

Better Business Bureau and home network together dive into the digital realm by joining forces and connecting consumers with millions of trusted home service professionals.

Porch is the first website and mobile app in the home services space to offer nationwide integration of trusted BBB data. Homeowners can find BBB ratings and accreditation status right on the Porch site, and are just a click away from BBB Business Reviews and other details about home service professionals.


  • BBB and Porch now give consumers an edge when seeking a qualified professional for their next home improvement project.
  • Homeowners now have access to BBB Business Reviews, ratings and accreditation information right on Porch's website and mobile app.
  • Porch has matched more than a million profile pages to BBB Business Reviews and ratings on home construction, maintenance and repair companies.
  • The data is updated and refreshed daily, keeping homeowners up-to-date on BBB information right in the Porch profile.

ABOUT BBB: For more than 100 years, Better Business Bureau has been helping people find businesses, brands and charities they can trust. In 2014, people turned to BBB more than 165 million times for BBB Business Reviews on more than 5.4 million businesses and Charity Reports on 11,000 charities, all available for free at The Council of Better Business Bureaus is the umbrella organization for 112 local, independent BBBs across North America, as well as home to its national programs on dispute resolution, advertising review and industry self-regulation.

ABOUT PORCH: Porch is the home network, free for homeowners and home professionals. With more than 3.2 million professionals and more than 130 million projects, Porch enables homeowners to make smart home improvement decisions by giving them the information they need to find the right professionals, get inspiration and manage their home. The Porch app, a first-of-its-kind app available for iOS, gives homeowners direct access to a personal Porch Concierge to help find the best professionals for their home. For more information about Porch, visit or download the Porch app at