Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program


The Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program regulates behavioral advertising across the Internet. Leading industry associations, along with BBB, developed seven principles which businesses are required to follow.


  • What is online behavorial advertising? OBA uses information collected across multiple unaffiliated web sites to predict a user's preferences and display ads most likely to interest consumers. 
  •  How is BBB involved? BBB is enforcing businesses' compliance with the principles.   
  • What are the principles? The principles allow consumers more control over whether advertisers can use their information for targeted advertisements.
  • What kind of businesses are subject to the principles? Any organization that collects data on a non-affiliated website and/or uses that data for online advertising. Some examples are: ad networks, data aggregators, website publishers and advertisers.

The Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program is supported by the members of the Digital Advertising Alliance.
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