Advantages of Accreditation


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What are the advantages of BBB Accreditation?

Supporting the Better Business Bureau shows that your business is accountable, responsible and community-minded. That’s good business.

BBB accreditation can be profitable. Customers like doing business with BBB accredited businesses. The BBB works hard to “spread the word” about businesses that support the BBB:

  • The BBB Wise Buying Guide provides affordable, effective directory advertising for all BBB accredited businesses. The BBB distributes 90,000 copies of this member directory that also has important consumer tips.
  • The BBB Accredited Business Directory on our homepage takes consumers to an up-to-date list of BBB Accredited businesses organized by "type of business" categories, so that a consumer can easily find a reliable business to provide any  product or service.
  • Each BBB member has an internet site at WiseBuyingMall to promote your business and link customers to your BBB report.
  • Once a company is BBB Accredited, the company's BBB Business Review will state that the company is BBB accredited and meets BBB standards.
  • Better Business Bureau conciliation, mediation and arbitration programs reduce litigation risk and legal expenses.
  • A custom BBB Member Plaque tells customers that your business is committed to ethics and fairness through BBB accreditation.
  • The BBB Accredited Business Seal  can be used in advertising and business documents.
  • The BBB Accredited Business Seal can be installed on your website to help you show online customers that your business is reputable and trustworthy.

Community Services:  BBB Business Reviews help businesses and consumers find dependable businesses and avoid “bad apples.” BBB complaint handling resolves disputes without expensive litigation. BBB Alerts help members and the public avoid scams and unethical schemes. Charity review helps donors with giving decisions and promotes compliance with the BBB’s Standards for Charitable Accountability. Advertising review promotes truthful advertising and helps maintain public confidence in advertising. The Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics recognize highly ethical businesses. The BBB’s Ethics in Action Scholarship Program promotes ethics among high school students. All BBB members are part of these efforts!

Mission: The BBB’s mission is to promote the highest ethical relationships between businesses and consumers. BBB members are committed to truthful advertising and selling and are part of the solution, helping maintain public confidence in business and free enterprise through industry self-regulation.