About Charity Review Service


The Better Business Bureau performs charity reviews and develops reports on both local and national charities.  Its purpose is to promote public confidence in charities and to encourage charitable giving.  Reviews are prompted by consumer inquiries and by charities interested in demonstrating adherence to best practices in their programs and operations.  Charity review is a donor information service of the BBB and there is no cost to the charity for the BBB to conduct a review and issue a report. 

Reviews on local charities are performed by the BBB serving Louisville, Western Kentucky, and Southern Indiana.  Reviews on charities that are national in scope are performed by Wise Giving Alliance which is the charity review affiliate of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. 

For a fact sheet that describes the BBB’s local charity review service, click here.

For a copy of the Standards for Charity Accountability that are used in the review process, click here.

To access a BBB report on a charity, click here.

Local BBB charity review is one of the services provided under the auspices of the BBB Consumer Education Fund.  To view the BBB Consumer Education Fund’s 2015 Annual Report, click here.

If you have questions about local charity review please contact Angie Estes at aestes@louisville.bbb.org or (502) 588-0033.  If you have questions about enrolling a national charity please contact the WGA at onlinecharity@council.bbb.org or call (703) 276-0100.