Who You Gonna Call for Netflix Support?

November 01, 2017


Trying to reach Netflix for help with your account? If so, watch out for this crafty con. Scammers put fake customer support numbers online and trick callers into buying computer software they don’t need.

How the Scam Works

You’re having trouble with your Netflix account, so you search online for the customer support number. You find what appears to be a legitimate toll-free number, beginning with 1-888 or 1-844. You call it and a "representative" answers and tells you your Netflix account has been hacked. In one version, the scammer claims a dozen people from around the world have used a victim's account.
Skeptical? The "representative" says they can provide proof that your account was hacked, but they need remote access to your computer. Unfortunately, granting a scammer access can open you up to the risk of identity theft. Scam artists can install malware that records passwords or hunts for personal information such as bank account numbers. However, according to BBB Scam Tracker, this scam appears to be a pretext for selling computer security software. The expensive software – victims report paying between $200 and $900 – will do nothing to fix your Netflix account, which was never hacked in the first place.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Don't ever give a stranger remote access to your computer because it allows them to install malware and access your files.
  • Be careful when searching for support phone numbers. Unfortunately, Netflix isn't the only company for which scammers have posted phony customer support numbers online.
  • Use the number on the company's website. Confirm the URL or check your monthly statement for the web address.

For More Information

Check out BBB Tips for other tech support scams and advice.

Keep your Netflix account secure by checking out these resources in Netflix's Help Center (Note: Netflix is a BBB Accredited Business.)

Learn more about scams at BBB Scam Tips. To report a scam, go to BBB Scam Tracker.