Better Business Bureau Warns of “Work from Home” Package Re-shipping Job Using Phony Lexington Address

January 25, 2017


(Lexington)A phony work from home “logistics inspector” job opportunity being advertised online is using a Lexington, KY addressand a BBB investigation shows the business has no physical location there.

Better Business Bureau® serving Central & Eastern Kentucky received an inquiry from a job-seeker in Miami, Florida.  She responded to a listing on Craig’s List that appeared to be a legitimate job offer for a “logistics manager.”  The woman was told that the company, “The Packard Group,” was located in Lexington, KY. The job paid $2700 a month base salary plus medical benefits to receive packages at home, inspect the contents, take photos of them, and re-ship them to other addresses. 

The consumer’s inquiry raised red flags because the job offer resembled the “package re-shipper” work-from-home scam that has been the subject of previous warnings by BBB and federal authorities. A check of “The Packard Group” website showed a lot of generic photos of airplanes and trucks and names of well-known shipping companies.  Some of the language used on the website and in emails to the job-seeker was oddly worded or contained grammatical errors, classic signs of a possible scam. 

The biggest giveaway of the scam is the fact that the Lexington, Kentucky address on the company’s website is fake.  A BBB representative visited the address, which is an office suite rental building, and confirmed there is no “Packard Group” at that location. Phone calls to the toll-free number provided on the website only reached voice mail.   

 While a job making a good salary from home sounds great, it could end up earning the job seeker nothing but legal trouble.  U.S. Postal Inspectors and other authorities say that in these reshipping jobs, the unsuspecting worker is really moving stolen merchandise, or items purchased with stolen credit cards. The “employee” becomes an accomplice in criminal activity.

 BBB advises job-seekers to use caution with job descriptions that advertise “package processing,” “package forwarding,” “wiring funds,” etc.  Be wary if you are asked to accept packages at your home address and forward them on, especially to a foreign country (example: “overseas home office”). Research carefully…simply looking at a company’s website may not be enough.  Check out job offers with the BBB at (859) 259-1008, 1-800-866-6668 or

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