Benefits of Accreditation


BBB Accredited Business Directory

 Your company receives a listing online and in the popular Accredited Business Directory that’s distributed annually to thousands of potential customers. The Accredited Business Directory contains listings of BBB Accredited Businesses by industry and there are great additional advertising opportunities so that you can get the maximum exposure!


Accredited Business Profile 

Your Business Profile states that your company is an Accredited Business and assures potential customers that you uphold the BBB Code of Business Practices.  The BBB torch logo in front of your company name instantly identifies you as a BBB Accredited Business.  Exclusive to Accredited Businesses - upload photos and videos of your business too!


 Request A Quote

Consumers visiting our online directory or your BBB Business Profile can request bids from BBB Accredited Businesses.  Once a bid is submitted for your company, it is emailed to you with the consumer's contact information.


BBB Logo Use


Let your potential customers know your company is a BBB Accredited Business!  Accredited Businesses can promote the BBB logo online, as well as in print materials.  Using the BBB's Dynamic Seal on your website will improve your search engine optimization to benefit your marketing endeavors. 


Tax Deduction

Your BBB Accreditation investment is typically 100% tax deductible as a necessary business expense.


Accredited Business Referral Lists

 Consumers ask the BBB for names of trustworthy businesses every day.  BBB provides over 10,000 lists of Accredited Businesses, by industry, each month.
BBB Accredited Business Plaque
 Your BBB Accreditation tells consumers that you are committed to promoting the BBB's mission of trust.  A wooden, framed BBB Accreditation plaque is provided for you to proudly display at your place of business.

BBB Dispute Resolution


Arbitration and Mediation services are available at no charge to all Accredited Businesses as a method to resolve consumer disputes.


 BBB Decals 


Window Decals will be provided for you to display at your place of business.  We also have affordably priced BBB Logo Magnets for use on your company vehicles.