BBB Dynamic Seal


                       Congratulations on becoming a                        BBB Online Accredited Business!

Your BBB accreditation includes the ability to use BBB's Dynamic Seal. 

As a participant in BBB's online seal program you are able to display our BBB seal on your company's website or any place you control and do business online (such as Facebook or email). The online seal will link directly to your BBB Business Review giving consumers added confidence in your business practices while demonstrating that you meet and support BBB Standards of Trust.

Our dynamic seal has several features to ensure your accreditation is legitimate:

  • A 'pop-up' will appear that confirms the logo belongs to your company.
  • When hovering over the logo, the 'backside' will display a verified date that refreshes daily.
  • The BBB Seal will link directly to your BBB Business Profile displaying your accreditation and BBB rating. (This is the only approved way to link directly to your BBB Business Profile.)

Download your BBB Seals

                               To download and install the BBB seal on your site,                            you can access the HTML code by visiting:

If you have any questions regarding the seals or have questions regarding your BBB Accreditation with the BBB serving Central & Eastern Kentucky, please contact your Accredited Business Services team at 859-259-1565.