The Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. (CBBB) provides training and technical assistance in conflict resolution

A key advantage of our training is that we actively practice in all training subject areas, developing our instruction from the hands-on experience of hundreds of BBB employees and clients. Through the operation of ongoing programs, our staff builds the communication, conflict management, mediation, negotiation, arbitration, customer service and writing skills that are the foundation of our training.

The broad experience of BBBs in addressing requests for assistance and information has provided a clear understanding of customer needs and expectations that can benefit any worker, business or agency that serves the public.

Arbitration Training
The goal of arbitration is to resolve business/customer disputes quickly and economically as an alternative to the court system. Accordingly, arbitration is a professional activity requiring high levels of specific skills, including excellent written, verbal, listening, fact-finding and logical reasoning skills.

Our dispute resolution training programs are developed and conducted by staff trainers. All trainers have extensive experience in dispute resolution and are active in the field.

If you are already a trained mediator and are looking to volunteer for your BBB, please contact them directly to determine whether they offer mediation services, and to get more information about any specific training requirements they have in place for their mediators. The CBBB does not maintain a national roster of mediators and does not have mediation cases for volunteer mediators.

For arbitrator trainings currently scheduled click here .