BBB Warns of Possible Impersonation Scam

April 06, 2017

BBB serving Central Ontario has issued a warning to raise awareness about inviduals contacting consumers claiming to be from BBB.

Consumers are reporting that an individual by the name of Christopher Dawson has been calling them, stating he works for BBB. It is possible that the individual could provide alternate names as well. 

On the calls, it is alleged that Christopher knows of the consumer's dealing with a specific (subject to change) company within the last few years, and that BBB is now reporting that business to be a scam. He then indicates that the consumer in question would be receiving a cheque for $200 from BBB.

Christopher then goes on to explain how to obtain the funds in question.

Consumers have informed BBB that Christopher is providing our business address - 30 Duke St in Kitchener - and phone number (587) 487-6193. He is also providing an ID # 5886697 and a refund code of JC8525. Please note this is BBB's office address; however, that is not our telephone number. We also will never call to offer you money or prizes.

BBB is a nonprofit organization. It is free to use our services and we never reclaim money from a business or pending dispute and refund it back to you. Any disputes that result in the issue of a refund will be dealt directly from the business in question.

Please do not provide your personal information or financial data to anyone claiming from BBB without verifying the correspondence with our office. Please also note that the only transactions we handle are directly between BBB and our Accredited Businesses. 

BBB recommends you contact us directly if you receive suspcious communications from anyone claiming to be from our office. 

In addition, you are more than welcome to report your encouter to BBB Scam Tracker