BBB issues Warning About Allenwood Consulting Group (also known as Lanmax Business Consulting)

February 16, 2017

Consumers are being warned about a local company engaging in high risk marketplace practices. Information received by BBB indicates that Allenwood Consulting Group – also known as Lanmax Business Consulting; last listed at 103 Michigan Ave, Brampton, ON, L6Y 4N6; telephone number (289) 801-3456 – may be operating some form of an employment scam. This has resulted in an F Rating issued to the business.

Consumers are advised to proceed with caution when approached with questionable or suspicious employment opportunities, especially anything requesting the purchase and sharing of BitCoins, prior to hiring.

How Employment Scams Work:

You may receive an offer from a company looking to hire staff because they are planning to open a new office in your area. In some cases, if your resume is listed on job sites like Monster or Indeed, you might be contacted without even applying. Any indication of interest in the position will prompt the business to mail you a cheque, complete with very specific instructions to deposit or cash that cheque, and set aside a portion of the money for your first week’s salary. You may then be required to wire transfer the remaining funds for equipment rentals, office supplies, or job training. You may even be requested to deposit cash directly into another bank account, without a valid explanation. Eventually, the initial cheque you received is discovered as fraudulent by your bank, and you are held accountable to pay for any funds that were wired or transferred elsewhere. Some unscrupulous companies might orchestrate this scam by using eTransfers as well. If eTransfer funds have come from a fraudulent cheque, the eTransfer is reversed when the bank reverses the initial cheque, leaving you accountable to pay back the missing funds.

What Consumers Need to Know:

By law, banks must make the funds from deposited cheques available within a few days; however, uncovering a fake check can take weeks. As a result, it might seem like a cheque has cleared – maybe the money has posted to the account – yet when the cheque is discovered to be fraudulent, the individual who deposited the funds, either wire transferring them or spending them – is responsible for returning those amounts to their bank.

BBB Tips to Avoid Employment Scams:

  • Exercise extreme caution when responding to unsolicited mail, emails, and text messages with high-paying job offers.
  • Understand that reputable companies are not going to offer you a position without interviewing you first.
  • Never accept a job offer that has come through e-mail, especially if you have never had an interview in-person or over the phone.
  • If a company offers a salary that well-exceeds your education and experience, be suspicious. Legitimate employers will evaluate your skill set, education, and experience before deciding on your worth.
  • Keep in mind that reputable employers will never send any form of payment before work has been performed. If you are instructed to cash a cheque and send funds elsewhere, it could be a scam.

For more information regarding employment scams, please visit:

If you or someone you know has been victimized by an employment scam, please contact BBB Scam Tracker directly.