Accredited Business Benefits


In addition to receiving BBB Accreditation, we offer our businesses a range of complimentary services for their employees, savings on a number of products and services, and marketing opportunities.

What the BBB provides for our Accredited Businesses:

  • Save time – call the BBB on the direct Accredited Business-only telephone line, or email the Business Services staff directly at when you need service.
  • Merchant Visa, Mastercard by Chase Paymentech, Rates from 1.47%; bank at the financial institution of your choice
  • Interac rates from 6¢/transaction (Chase Paymentech)
  • PetroCan SuperPass 2¢/litre discount
  • Group Life, Health, Disability and Dental Insurance
  • BBB Legal Line – free to BBB Accredited Businesses
  • Window decal, Accredited Business plaque
  • Dispute Resolution services – if you do encounter difficulties with an unsatisfied customer; free mediation/arbitration for your business
  • Inexpensive advertising opportunities available through sponsor ads on the BBB website and in the monthly e-Bulletin newsletter to all BBB Accredited Businesses.
  • Opportunity to submit quotes to consumer requests routed through the BBB office (e-Quote).
  • Plus … BBB Accreditation is tax deductible!

Chase Paymentech

"As one of the largest merchant services providers in North America, we are experienced professionals in the payment processing industry. With our vast experience and ongoing capital investments in new technologies, Chase Paymentech is committed to providing you with the payment solutions and customer service you need for your business to succeed.  BBB accredited businesses are eligible for preferred rates to accept credit and debit cards when they choose Chase Paymentech as their payment processor.  To learn more, click here."